Who can represent ELSA as an ELSA delegate?

Only members and alumni of ELSA can apply for ELSA Delegations. Contact your respective ELSA National Group if you want more information on how to become an ELSA member.

What are the regulations governing my application for an ELSA Delegation?

Your application for an ELSA Delegation is subject to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of ELSA Delegations, which can be found here: https://files.elsa.org/SC/ELSA_Delegations_Terms_and_Conditions_Privacy_Policy.pdf

When does ELSA International open new Calls for Delegations?

The Calls for ELSA Delegations are open approx. every 2 months, thus there are 6 Calls per year.

How do I get selected?

We select our delegates according to our official selection criteria, which can be found here: http://delegations.elsa.org/selection/. We recommend reading through the selection criteria before applying.

How do I find out whether I am selected for an ELSA delegation or not?

We inform all applicants by email after the selection has been made. Names of the appointed delegates are published on this website.

Will I be notified even if I am not selected?

Yes, all applicants will receive an answer to their application - both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

I am a new member of ELSA. Do I have a good chance of being selected?

ELSA Delegations are meant to represent ELSA at international meetings with awareness and good knowledge of its core activities and programmes. Our delegations usually consist of a balanced number of freshers and more experienced members.

How long is the duration of the selection procedure?

The procedure normally takes from one to two weeks. However, we try to select and inform the delegates as soon as possible after the application deadline.

May I cancel my application before the application deadline has expired?

You can cancel your application before the deadline by sending an email to delegations@elsa.org, no explanation needed.

What happens if I don’t want to be an ELSA delegate after having been selected?

ELSA recommends applying with responsibility. When an appointed delegate withdraws their application after the selection, in most cases the spot will remain vacant, while a more motivated person that was not selected will lose the opportunity.

Does ELSA provide financial support for accommodation and travel expenses?

ELSA International does not provide any financial support. However, some National Groups do have some grants for their members. Please check with your national VP in charge of Seminars and Conferences whether or not this is a possibility in your national group.

Can I apply for more than one Delegation at once?

Yes, but you must state it in the relevant section of the Application Form. If you apply for more than one session or week but only intend to participate in one, you must state it clearly and indicate your preferences. Please note that withdrawing from a session without a valid reason after having been appointed will make you ineligible to go as a delegate for ELSA in the future.

Who makes the selection?

The delegates are appointed by ELSA International.

Who will be selected to represent ELSA as delegates?

The participants are selected according to our official selection criteria, which can be found here: http://delegations.elsa.org/selection/