Why choose to participate in a Delegation?


Evgenia Podgorbunskikh – ELSA Germany

86th Session of UN HR Bodies: Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, took place from 27th April to 8th May 2015 in Geneva

“As a student at United Nations? Observe international decision-making? Meeting influential politicians and lawyers? That’s all about ELSA Delegations!

Delegations are without doubt one of my favourite ELSA experience. During the 86th Session 6 different country representatives and the Committee discussed the best ways to implement the migration law, avoid cultural conflicts and reach the international cooperation. It was 100% related to ELSA vision- all different, all together.”


Idil Buke Civelek – ELSA Turkey

UNCITRAL, Working Group II: Arbitration and Conciliation, 64th Session, took place from February 1st to 5th 2016 in New York

“Have you ever thought of attending a UN session? Or have you ever imagined that delegates from different countries would be eager to shake hands with you although you are just a student? After being an ELSA member for 6 years now and attending sessions at WIPO (Geneva) and UNCITRAL (New York) I can say these all come true! As usual, ELSA is full of opportunities and you just need to pick one!”


Jan Dohnal – ELSA Czech Republic

13th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, took place in Qatari in April 2015

“The Congress took place in the Qatari capital Doha, where more than 5,000 participants arrived from 142 countries around the world. This event is regularly held every 5 years in different part of the world since 1955. For me it was unique opportunity to see the international decision making on my own eyes – exactly what is happening “behind the curtains” where the access is restricted. Personally, I have participated in many discussions about cybercrime which broadened my academic knowledge and improved my CV. I also met lot of interesting people –  the world’s top specialists in their fields, for example UN Secretary-General – Ban Ki-moon. I can honestly recommend you – try this amazing project ELSA Delegations!”

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Martine A. Løvvik– ELSA Norway

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), 60th Session, Week 1, from March 13th to 18th 2016 in New York

“I had a great experience as HoD. To be able to experience and watch the UN system in New York from the inside was a once in a lifetime experience. And it was childish fun to get a personalised access card to the UN HQ. If you are considering applying for a delegation spot, just do it. In my experience you would not regret it.”


Nihat M Cingoz - ELSA Switzerland

Assembly of State Parties to the Rome Statute (ASP), International Criminal Court, 15th Session, took place from 16th November to 24th November 2016 in The Hague

“Key to an international career, be it legal or diplomatic: this is how I explain ELSA Delegations to friends who ask me about it. You get first-hand experience on how international bodies function and what they exactly work on. It’s a unique chance to step into this world and, even, meet and chat with people that shape policies and have real influence on the global order. And sometimes, you even acquire information before the press has even heard about it. As my third delegation experience, the ASP15 to the Rome Statute proved all this again and gave me a completely new approach to international criminal justice.”


Marco Giovannini – ELSA Italy

International Conference on Intellectual Property and Development, from April 7th to 8th 2016 in Geneva

“Want to make you a gift and testify what ELSA really is? Apply for a Delegation.

It was a great experience seeing the works of a world organization: many different cultures arise to compare visions and projects. Exactly how should it be.

And also you can meet people who share emotions and dreams under ELSA flag.

So if you really are interested in the matters, apply. You will not regret!”


Ksenija Koroleva – ELSA The Netherlands

OECD Forum 2016, took place from 31st May to 1st June 2016 in Paris

“I have participated in 2 delegations to UNCITRAL before the very first ELSA delegation to OECD Forum, and I can definitely call the latter the best experience so far. The OECD Forum is hyper-dynamic and overwhelming, where you get to ask your questions to the Ministers and Presidents of countries and to the most renowned experts you’ve read about. It covers such a wide variety of topics that you are guaranteed to have FUN!”


World Forum for Democracy, Council of Europe

Took place from 7th till 9th November 2016 in Strasbourg

“The World Forum Democracy took place at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in November. There were over 2,000 participants from each corner of the world in attendance. During the three days, we took part in the plenaries, labs and attended each of the side events. For me, it was a great experience. The opportunity to meet and exchange with people from all over the world is something that made this ELSA Delegation a truly unforgettable experience!”


Magdalena Węgłowska – ELSA Poland

Ministerial Conference (MC11), 11th Session, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10. – 13.12.2017

“I got the chance to represent ELSA International during the very first ELSA delegation to the WTO. Ministerial Conference is the highest decision-making body of the WTO. Over 4000 participants from 165 Member States took part in this event of significant importance to the world trade. During the Conference in Buenos Aires, I was able to talk to ministers and diplomats from all over the world, sit with them hand in hand on Plenary Sessions while being a law student.”