Attending ELSA Delegations helps you understand the mechanisms underlying the work of international organisations and experience how complex the public decision-making process is. I highly recommend to take part in one of this opportunities to see how the theory in university textbooks take shape in real life and have a concrete influence on the lives of millions of people around the world. Meeting with like-minded people from other countries will also help you to overcome cultural barriers and solve bigger problems than the ones normally faced in our daily lives.

Eugenio, ELSA Italy                                                                                                                     World Forum for Democracy, the Council of Europe

Mattias, ELSA Belgium

Paulina, ELSA Germany

Maria, ELSA Poland        

WIPO Symposium on Trade Secrets and Innovation

ELSA Delegations give you the opportunity to obtain a very international network. You meet delegates from Member States, which improves your network skills. You meet delegates from other ELSA groups, which lead into international friendships. While obtaining all these benefits, you are able to witness international decision making behind the curtains. It is very interesting to see how conflicts of interests at international level are being dealt with. And even though you’re a just a student, all delegations are interested in who you are.

Sofie, ELSA Belgium                                                                                                                   Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP), WIPO


Attending the 40th General Conference of UNESCO was the unique opportunity to deepen legal understanding of the institution. It gave me the possibility to see different perspectives on the subject matter of the conference, build relationships and take part in energetic and enriched discussions with other participants, from around the world. Thanks to attending this event, I very much spanned the boundaries of my thoughts, enriched my personal beliefs and strengthened my motivation. 

Clara, ELSA Germany                                                                                                                     40th General Conference of the UNESCO

ELSA offers students and young practitioners the unique opportunity to look beyond their own horizons. By representing ELSA at the UNCITRAL in Vienna, I was able to get an insight into the work of one of the most important institutions in the world, which would not have been possible otherwise. I can only encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity and to grow from this experience.

Janina, ELSA Germany                                                                                                                   Working Group IV – Electronic Commerce, UNCITRAL